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Intermediate Champions!

Congrats to the intermediate boys and girls teams for sweeping the championship meet at MPI this morning! Both teams were unfazed by the rain and strong winds, capturing the team championship as well as the winning the individual titles.

The boys were led by Nick Moses in 1st place overall, followed closely with a dominant pack performance by Ryan Eto, Dan Arima, Chris Aguillon, Jeremy Choi, Cameron Ching, and Owen Banks, placing 7th through 12th place. In other words, the raiders placed all 5 scoring runners in the top 10, and all 7 runners in the top 12, resulting in a resounding 30 point win.

Congrats to the intermediate team for kicking off our championship season with a bang & setting the tone. The bar has definitely been set very high.

JV & Vars, your move.


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