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Update, Optional Practice 9/3 & Upcoming Week.

MPI Recap

The first meet of the season was quite the show. We saw many great performances & look forward to more as the season progresses. The varsity team was short-handed this week, but still battled to a 2nd place finish led by senior Wolfgang Sakamaki. The JV & Intermediate teams ran away with dominant victories, led by Junior Kanalu Monaco & Freshman Kyle Ching, respectively. Great job to all our young harriers!

Optional Practice, CORP, Monday, 9/3, 8:00 am - 10:00 am

We will have an optional practice out at CORP on Labor Day. We'll meet at the makai bathroom as indicated on the meet schedule. It will be a good opportunity to keep progressing in our training plan and get familiar with the course for the upcoming meet.

9/8 ILH Meet at CORP

The next meet is on Saturday, 9/8, at CORP. Please refer to the schedule for times and the thumbnail link for where we meet (near the makai bathroom). Note the race order is different than the MPI meet: Inter-JV-V. We will let the boys know in practice the race they are in.

IXCI Kualoa Help

We are VERY shorthanded for our big invitational at Kualoa on Saturday, 9/15 as currently stand. Please help us out with your time by signing up in the google sheet here. The proceeds from this event is a major fundraiser for the boys and girls programs. Your help not only benefits our teams directly, but most importantly creates a great experience for the 1000+ student athletes who attend this event.

Team Shirts Order

Just a reminder the team t-shirt and long sleeve hoodie orders closes 9/5. Order link here.

Thank you to those who have ordered! We will be distributing them on Thursday and Friday at practice.

Don't hesitate to contact coach Jack should you have any questions.

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