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Week 7 Midweek Update

Sat, 10/13, Punahou Invitational

Reminder to take a look at the schedule page for this Saturday's Punahou Invitational timeline. This is the final regular season meet for the majority of the team before we select the ILH championship teams for next week.


The team shirt & hoodie have been sitting in Coach Rubasch's room in W301. Please pick them up if you haven't already.

The IXCI Kualoa shirts are still on their way. We had to hold off our own team orders to fill the other schools' orders first.

Winter Tryouts

Those of you expecting to be in consideration for ILH champs, please let your winter sports know that you will be late for tryouts. School policy states a fair tryout must be offered to those finishing a sport, even if it's late, therefor finishing your fall sport takes priority over winter tryouts. The coaches are aware of this & will have no problems as long as they are given proper notice. Please contact Coach Jack & your winter coaches ASAP to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Fundraiser this Sunday

We have another opportunity for fundraising this Sunday. We are looking for 6 cases of water to sell at the food expo at the Blaisdell this Sunday. There are 9 spots open for the boys to sign up. Please refer to Coach Jack's email to signup for the shifts. Thank you to Elizabeth Watanabe (Kevin Watanabe, c/o 2022) for the fundraising opportunities for the boys!

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