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9/18 IXC Invitational at Kamehameha

Hi everyone,

After many detours, this year's IXCI is at Kamehameha this Saturday, 9/18. As discussed at practice, this meet is limited to 7 varsity runners only, plus 1 alternate. This is in order to accommodate the additional runners from the mainland while still in compliance with the C&C & ILH numbers.

No spectators allowed, only the 7+1 are allowed on KSK campus. The team was announced at practice. Meet detail will be sent to those separately.

Looking Ahead

Here are what are scheduled, please note that exact times may change. Details may also change pending State & C&C updates.

All other dates are unconfirmed. Host schools may put together additional meets depending on what's allowed.

Sat, 9/25, ILH Meet @ KSK, 8am~12pm

Next Sat there will be an ILH meet at KSK. Scheduled to start at 8:30am. Limited to 10 per division. As mentioned in practice, this is possibly our last chance to evaluate runners for the intermediate championship meet soon after.

Sat, 10/9, ILH Intermediate Championship @ MPI, 8am~10am

Top 7 intermediate runners + Alternate TBD.

No races scheduled for JV/V.

Conclusion of the Intermediate season except for runners going forward to JV.

Sat, 10/23, ILH JV Championship @ KSK, 2pm~4pm

Top 7 JV runners + Alternate TBD.

No races scheduled for V.

Conclusion of the JV Season except for runners going forward to V

Sat, 11/20, ILH Varsity Championship, Site & Time TBD

Top 7 + Alternate TBD.

Saturday, 12/4, HHSAA State Championship @ HPA, Big Island, 8:30am

One Team

Shout out to all the runners for staying focused in this limited year. We started off the season expecting limited opportunities and racing roster spots, but we have seen a lot of dedication and healthy competition in claiming a spot for the scheduled races. This, while disappointing in the moment, but it is befitting of our competitive program and can only help raise everyone's quality in the long term. We are not a PE class, we are not a club team, we are a competitive program from top to bottom, and we hope to show our full force next year if things return to normal.

Notwithstanding, there are gaps in the schedule where we will try to do some team functions. Obviously we need to comply with the restrictions, but it would be good to get the team together in some format. I'll brainstorm with the kids with what we can do, safely & responsibly.

Thanks & hope to see you guys soon.


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