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Congrats to Inters & JV/V Champs Week Update

Belated congratulations to our intermediate runners for kicking off the championship season with a fantastic 2nd place team finish. The race was close from start to finish, and only points separated the 1st and 2nd place teams. Our team was led by Devin Pang, the new intermediate individual champion, Keane Palmer, 2nd place overall, and Quinn Pascua, 7th overall.

The championship meets continue this Saturday at Mid Pacific Institute where the JV & Varsity teams race for the ILH crown and berths to the State meet next week. Please refer tot the schedule page for the timeline. Make sure to arrive between 12 pm - 1 pm, as the gate to MPI is closed to traffic before 12 pm and between 1 pm -4 pm to prioritize runners. The gate between MPI field and UH near Biomed building will be open, but there is a parking fee at UH.

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