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IXC - 2020 Fall Virtual Season & HHSAA Update

Hi IXC'ohana,

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! It seems like the challenges of 2020 just keep on coming with the pandemic starting early in the year followed by stay at home orders, working from home, and then starting the school year from home. This year has been tough, but everyone has been adapting and finding creative ways to adjust to a 'new normal' from at home gyms, remote conferences, to do it yourself haircuts, the ideas keep coming and life keeps going. This also rings true for the IXC program as we look to keep teaching our core values of the program and 'One Team' philosophy while making the best out of a season that is unlike any other.

2020 Fall Virtual Season

The Boy's IXC program is excited to announce the 2020 Fall Virtual Season. The Virtual Season will run from September 7th to October 24th and will feature three 1-hour sessions a week that may include strength workouts, yoga, individual running sessions, guest speakers, and other sport experiences related to cross country. 9th-12th Grade will be eligible for PE credit but must signup here to be added to the roster and attend all sessions. Attendance will be monitored at all Zoom sessions and running sessions will be tracked through Strava. Our goal for this season is to continue to develop everyone as runners by getting them active and involved through zoom sessions or individual running sessions.


The school and athletic department are continuing to work with the ILH and the HHSAA to look at every possibility to have a competitive season later in the year or early 2021. No decisions have been made on the schedule or format yet due to to the ever changing circumstances of this year.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the Zoom sessions and can't wait for those hot and humid Saturday mornings when we can cheer everyone on together as 'One Team'!

Coach Matt


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