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IXC 9/4 Meet

Hi everyone,

Below is our racing roster for Saturday, 9/4, meet at 'Iolani. Congrats to everyone running to represent our team. Remember you are racing for our entire team this week, keep up the progress & don't take any spots for granted. Alternates, you need to show up ready to run. We hope we don't have to sub anyone for injuries/absences, but we can if needed to.

To the rest of the team, if you're disappointed that you're not racing this week, I say that is actually a good feeling because it means you care and want to race. We rather have more people who want to compete than not enough. There were a lot of tough choices, especially at the crowded JV and Intermediate levels. A lot of you guys deserve to race, but unfortunately we only have 10 spots. For this meet we took into account how long you've been out, nagging injuries, and as always, attendance & consistency at practices. Use this as motivation, keep working hard, and keep forcing the coaches to make the tough decision each week. For this meet, we're asking those not racing to attend the meet and help as course marshal. We will have an unofficial 1mi race at the end of the D1 session for you guys if you want to jump in (We're not allowed to have this officially on the schedule).

This is our first full meet where JV/V race 3mi, inter still 2mi. We are running as many 9th graders in intermediate as possible this week because you need to race at least 1 intermediate race to be eligible for inter champs at the end of the season. Some of you may be racing JV/V the rest of the season so we might as well get the eligibility requirement out of the way first.

Meet Timeline

Please review the meet packet here including the timeline. Arrive at 7:30 for the team warmup. We are only on campus for the morning D1 time slot. Runners should plan to be available to help for the entire morning session. We do not need to administer the afternoon D2 session.

Pre-Comp Testing Racing people & alternates need to do the pre-comp testing on FRIDAY, 9/3, with the athletic trainers (ATs). 11:30-1:00 or 2:30-4:00 in the Student Center. It's just the quick swab rapid test. Bring your Student ID or at least provide your Student ID number. I will send another detailed email for this to you guys. Parent Volunteers We are looking for 10 parent volunteers from the people racing & alternates. If you are racing, please forward this to your parents to sign up, first come fist serve: Please note that the school has requested that volunteers need to be fully vaccinated.


Kenta Terasaki

Brady Goo

Ryan Watanabe

Blayze Baba

Ken Nakatani

Quinn Pascua

Devin Pang

Noah Wakabayashi

Keane Palmer

Cole Kaneshiro

Alternate: Kevin Watanabe


Reece Shiraishi

Andrew Sumikawa

Cole Young

John Sung

Wyatt Tamamoto

Ryan Lindell

Drew Bjornson

Oakley Nakaahiki

Tyler Takamoto

Ryden Tamura

Alternate: Yoyo Li


Dan Arima

Jeremy Choi

Cameron Ching

Ethan Chock

Ryan Eto

Spencer Lyau

Shane Ellis Pascua

Nick Moses

Chris Aguillon

Kawelu Tsuneyoshi

Alternate: Ben Kim

Thanks & looking forward to this week.


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