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IXC Alumni Zoom College Panel

IXC Ohana,

I hope everyone is staying healthy during these uncertain times. I bet everyone is itching to run together once again, but please continue to stay safe. We are one of the more fortunate that running can be enjoyable even on our own; I know it's not the same as when we are together, but we'll get there.

IXC College & Running Panel

In the spirit of celebrating our seniors, we are hosting a zoom panel series with IXC alums joining us to discuss everything including running, college, post-grad, life skills & beyond. These will be short & sweet since I'm sure everyone has had enough Zoom by now; quick 40 minute round-table followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. We can also go longer if the discussion is vibrant. Please see the dates, times & our distinguished alums below:

Use your school Zoom account to access the sessions. Meeting link emailed to your school email each week. Hope to see many of you this Sunday.


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