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IXC Update: Last Week of Summer, Start of Fall Season

Hi everyone,

This coming week is the last week of our summer training program, and Friday, July 23, is the final day (Same as summer school. Schedule for this last week is status quo, including Monday morning pool.

Summer Recap

First, congratulations to everyone who came out consistently and put in the hard work out on the hills, around the track, in the pool, and in the weightroom. We've already seen many of our students become really fit aerobic athletes, and we're excited at what the base translates to proper running as we get into the Fall season.

I want to especially commend & thank the many multi-sport athletes who were responsible in communicating their schedules & made efforts to help build their tailored training schedules. During the few weeks between the end of summer school & start of the fall school year, we expect people might take vacations or other trips. I encourage everyone to keep up the communication so they keep up their fitness over their trips & not lose what they've worked so hard to achieve the last 5 weeks.

Fall Season Start

The fall season practices officially start August 2. The meet schedules for the races are still TBD, but the first meet will most likely be the first week of school, or 5 weeks away, and the State Championship in late October.

Beginning August 2, Intermediates remain MWF 4-6p, JV/V moves to Mon through Friday 4-6p. The afternoon schedule goes through the end of the season in October.

Weightroom schedule for Varsity group 1 remains the same on Wed & Sat for now. Pool training time will be confirmed this coming week. Once school starts, these will change & to be confirmed based on the meet schedule.

As mentioned, we expect there are a lot trips & other obligations after summer school ends, and we encourage students to communicate and so we can figure out different workouts they can do on their own.

IXCI Save the Date!

Our annual `Iolani Cross Country Invitational returns this year on Sat, September 18. Please save the date as we'll need all the parent help we can get. We are expecting a very exciting meet this year with a lot of interest and pent up energy from all over the state & mainland. Our invitational is the biggest fund raising effort for the boys & girls XC programs and we couldn't pull it off without all your help!

That is all for now & we look forward to the next phase of training in August!


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