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JV Champions!

Saturday, 10/23, the JV team competed at the ILH Championship & came home with a dominant victory!

Our team was represented by Cole Kaneshiro (1st), Ethan Chock (2nd), Noah Wakabayashi (3rd), Spencer Lyau (5th), Quinn Pascua (7th), Ryan Eto (12th), and Rion Paz Travis (15th). the 1-2-3 finish supported by the 5th & 7th places led to an incredible 18 points, besting the runner up team by a whopping 45 points. Results here

Scores and places aside, these boys represent a whole team of students who trained hard over the last 5 months. The leap they made from the beginning of the summer in June, let alone last season, is something to be very proud of. Several of these boys will continue to the Varsity Championship in Nov 20th and HHSAA State Championship on Dec 4th. Nevertheless, let's take a moment to celebrate the journey thus far.

Another memorable performance on Saturday came from outside of the JV championship race. Our JV championship alternate Cole Young, a newcomer to the sport, ran a sensational race in the open varsity race with a time that would have placed him within half a second of the 10th place finisher in JV champs. I'm not a betting man, but with the way Cole closes at the finish line, I would have put my money on him to get that 10th place. The coaches had a really hard time picking this year's JV championship team because there were so many guys like Cole who are capable and deserving. Shout out to Cole for representing the depth of our team, stepping up to the competition regardless of which race you're in, and also proving that coaches don't always get everything right! Kidding aside, Cole's patient progression over the last few months combined with his focus to approach this race as the culmination of his season resulted in his best race of the season. It's a cliché recipe that never gets old.

Congrats to everyone for a great weekend. We now turn our attention the ILH Varsity Championship. No school has ever won all three divisions in the same season on the boys side. We've won two divisions multiple times, but the triple crown has been elusive. 2 down, 1 more to go.


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