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The Calm Before the Storm

Applause to the boys and girls captains for throwing a successful end-of-summer potluck this past weekend. Thank you to everyone for joining us; it was great to see everyone before the whirlwind of the new school year hits us full force.

It's the last week of summer and time to get our ducks in a row before school starts, and here are some reminders:

Parents Meeting

Parents meeting is on Monday, August 26th, 5:30 in Seto Hall.


Please make sure your physicals are up to date & Magnus profiles completed. If your physical expires before the end of the season, be sure to update it ahead of time.

Meet Schedule

The meet schedule has not been finalized yet. We should have it at the end of this week at the ILH meeting. The meets listed under the schedules tab is the most up to date OFFICIAL schedule.

Save the Date

Please Save the date for Saturday, September 14. That is our 21st running of the IXC Invitational at Kualoa and we can use all the manpower we can get! We will have more details at the parents meeting next week.

As always, donʻt hesitate to contact Coach Jack should you have any questions!


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